A 24/7 virtual medical platform at your fingertips.

  • Cheaper (and faster) than a chopper.

    Advance your company’s safety footprint by adding a vital risk management tool at a fraction of the cost.

    Total 24 eliminates unnecessary treatment and transportation costs via a modern telehealth communications platform.

  • Less is more.

    Escape from dated, expensive protocols and unleash a cost efficient digital network of rich service lines and resources.

    • Immediate injury evaluation.
    • Around the clock availability.
    • Efficient return-to-work clearance.
    • Coordinated ER oversight.
    • Common Illness consultation.
  • How it works.

    Access Total 24 for free from your smart device or desktop.

    Receive immediate evaluation and diagnosis from occupational medicine experts.

    Get follow-up care and return to work clearance without leaving work site.


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